A stock analysis platform by the users, for the users.
Our mission is to create the first large-scale stock analysis platform in which the platform's interests are aligned with those of the user—a platform founded on ethical design principles. At the heart of these principles is the concept of complete transparency, which is why the entire codebase is open source.
No ads. No tracking.
Stocknear has no ads, third-party affiliate marketing, or tracking. Your attention and data are never monetized. If you're skeptical, that's okay—soon, just look at our code here.
No Dark Patterns
On Stocknear, there are no intrusive pop-ups asking you to sign up unless necessary. You don't need an account to view pages, we don't manipulate you into using our platform more than you want to. If you wish to cancel your subscription, there's no survey to fill out; you can cancel it in just 2 seconds.
What we offer
We support small investors, like yourself, to conduct due diligence through an extensive array of data sources. These include fundamental data such as income statements, balance sheets, and cashflow ratios, along with insights from US Senate trading data, dividends, hedge fund portfolios, latest news, earnings transcripts, statistical models for future prices, and more to be added in the future. Take control of your investments, make informed decisions, and execute profitable trades by leveraging our comprehensive data presented with the best UI.
Why choose us

You don't have to. There are tons of other website that provide similar services and that's ok.

As a physicist, I prioritize transparency and rigorous analysis. During my PhD in theoretical particle physics, I developed models to describe New Physics effects beyond our current knowledge of the universe, as shown by my publication record here.
Unlike most financial websites run by programmers, I combine my programming skills with a scientific approach.

If you find value in stocknear's approach to tackling stock analysis tasks, that's great. If not, I wish you all the best on your trading journey and maybe we will see us again in the future.

Dr. Muslem Rahimi

Chief of Nothing
During my PhD in physics, I was developing models to describe New Physics. Now I'm developing a stock analysis platform to help small investors.